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What Is Our Purpose?

Because this is a business advisory blog, I want to be sure that you understand I am not writing about the meaning of life here. I am writing about your business purpose. Mission statements along with the company vision and values are generally the starting point for any strategic planning. Before you can talk about your visionary goals, you need to have a grip on why it is your company exists. Where the vision statement can be completed or adjusted to meet the needs of your customers, the mission statement should be the firm foundation on which the enterprise is built. 

The company mission statement should be both broad in scope and somewhat altruistic in nature. What are the parts of the mission statement? I am glad you asked. There are several schools of thought here. Some want the statement to be clear and concise, containing a few sentences or even a certain number of words. I think the point is that it convey who you are, what you do and why you do what you do in as few words or sentences as possible.

This may seem simple, but it can be a task tough to tackle. After all, you may be a restaurant that you thought you existed to serve food and make money at it. Well, that may be why you started, but that kind of purpose won't keep you through the tough times. If you would like help determining your mission statement, please call us to walk you and your leadership team through a process that will really give you that reason to keep at it. When you have this kind of purpose, life has more meaning. And here I said I wasn’t going to write about that.