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Letter From Our CEO

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Brandon K. Moore, CPA

Dear Current and Future Clients,

​What is the purpose of the firm? Why are we here? We got into this business to help our friends, family and businesses in our community. I believe that we exist to help our clients earn more and keep more of what they earn.

Our primary focus is on the latter part of that statement “to keep more of what they earn” through tax planning and compliance. Our client’s biggest expense other than payroll is usually the tax that they pay. Our purpose is to help reduce that tax burden. In addition, our responsibility to our clients goes beyond just reducing their tax but also to avoid penalties from underpaying their tax. We are aggressive in finding all the deductions, within the law, that are available to our clients. We will not go beyond that line and risk the firm’s reputation and our character. Sometimes our best advice to our clients is “pay the tax that is due.”

To “help our clients earn more” is a more complicated purpose. We may increase their revenue or we can help them increase their bottom line. As our clients most trusted advisor, we can guide our clients to set up systems and processes to be both effective and efficient. Why wouldn’t we want to help our clients succeed? When our clients succeed, we succeed as a firm.

​When we began, we focused on being the best at tax services, monthly "after-the-fact" accounting services and payroll services. Our goal was to serve our clients' needs affordably while making a profit for the company. Over the years and through technology innovation, our clients' needs have changed somewhat. Accounting services are moving to cloud based methods for some. Payroll services, as a strict compliance service with many moving parts, needs to be robust, cloud based, live services. Tax compliance services are always changing with new tax laws, requiring more emphasis on tax planning throughout the year. Our firm is keeping up with those changes offering multiple levels of service to find the right solution for you.

In addition to accounting services, payroll and tax compliance and planning services, our firm has tapped into our experience and expertise to provide business advisory and strategic planning services. Informally, we have provided some business advisory services and consulting all along. We are formalizing this process to give our clients tangible, actionable strategies to improve processes, drive sales growth and see their companies vision become a reality. 

Take a look at the various solutions we offer and take the next step to connect with our team of accountants and advisors. Let us help you. Let us be your most trusted advisor.

Brandon K. Mo​ore, CPA
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)