BKM pc Certified Public Accountants

We got into this business to help our friends, family, and the businesses in our communities. We believe that we exist to help our clients earn more, and keep more of what they earn. 

We work with our clients to determine their goals and offer solutions related to their needs.

Our Firm Values

Our firm provides outstanding service to our clients because of our dedication to the four underlying principles of Family, Commitment, Innovation, and Integrity.

We prioritize our life: God, family, everything else. We feel that having a healthy work-life balance is crucial to the success of our firm, and our clients. We want our employees to be completely available to their own families, but we also aspire for our firm to feel like a second family to our employees and clients. We are doing life together! It is one of our goals for the kids, interns, and community members in our life to see our work-life balance and aim to live like us! 

We are committed to each other, as coworkers and committed to the success of the firm. We believe when each individual employee is committed to each other and to the firm it brings personal success. We are motivated to see our clients succeed and believe we can help through having passion for serving. 

Our firm prides itself on our passion for innovation. Here are the ways our firm innovates: 

  • Creativity & flexibility with technology
  • Diversity of experience within our team
  • Continuous improvement in self, processes, & products
  • Identifying and developing leaders

Integrity is more than just being honest to our firm. To us, integrity means showing respect to everyone we come in contact with, whether they deserve it or not. Integrity means: doing the right thing, because it is right. Going the extra mile. Accepting responsibility and having courageous conversations. 

Join Our Team

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